#CourtesyCounts feat Goofus & Gallant


Discourteous train etiquette remains unchecked, despite the #CourtesyCounts campaign posters. Since 2015, riders have seen billboards and animations featuring stick figures demonstrating improper and proper behavior on public transit. My paper summarizes riders’ attitudes toward train etiquette campaign.

Read My Paper Here

This is a redesigned and gamified version of the campaign in the form of playing cards to increase civic courtesy. The card deck is a product of 64 survey responses analyzed through the methods of lean customer development research and represented as Goofus & Gallant characters, created to broaden communication of proper train etiquette entertainingly and interactively.

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Print your own deck of #CourtesyCounts feat Goofus & Gallant playing cards! Bonus points if you print on scrap paper! 


2 thoughts on “#CourtesyCounts feat Goofus & Gallant

  1. Such beautiful and original work Yvonne! It expresses so well your great sense of humor, your wit, your humanity, your passion for the environment and last but not least your wonderful talent in art and design.
    By the way, I think it should be sold at MTA’s gift shop and every elementary school teacher should introduce it to all their students. You should certainly pitch it to them!
    I think it can make a strong positive impact.

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